The various workshops are arranged as called for and are usually limited to 12 or fewer participants. Telephone us at (303) 651-9248 or email us:

Workshops for Musicians

with Alexandra and Roger Pierce

A creative, practical opportunity to:

find an easy and effective postural support with your instrument or voice and in daily life that will improve playing or singing tone;

“toss weight,” that is, commitment, into the action of phrase;

bring the phrase to a resting end, even as you begin the next;

explore musical elements—the beat, melodic line, phrase shape and climax, musical character—to bring out these qualities more expressively in your playing, singing, or conducting;

ease chronic tension and pain, and become aware of the effect of tension on instrumental or vocal tone;

fan the flames of the spirit of play, in a small supportive group of other performers.

* Click here for information about my most recent book, Deepening Musical Performance through Movement (Indiana University Press, 2007).

Movement Workshops

with Roger and Alexandra Pierce

Bringing oneself into an upright, flexible, balanced stature can give a new lease on life. Participants learn to recognize their own patterns of self-limitation, and they try out new options with the help of simple, pleasurable movements to music. Muscle and joint pains can often be relieved as more efficient ways of working and playing are explored.

A workshop may be focused on the concerns of a particular occupation, sport, or recreation, and may explore vigorous interactive movement games.

“Movement processes” are often done in pairs, with time given for reflection on sensory awareness.

A cordial atmosphere encourages individual creativity.

Speaking Poetry Workshops

A speaking poetry workshop develops understanding and a rich connection with a chosen poem (perhaps one by yourself) so that when you say its words, they are full of the poem’s meaning—simply and fully expressed. No previous experience reading or reciting poetry is needed, and individual approaches are welcome. The energy can vary from quiet and reflective to bubbly and vigorous. Sometimes we all work together, sometimes in pairs or small groups. 

         A 2-4 hour workshop might focus on vocal resonance, clarity of diction, vocal melody, and speaking the meaning. Especially in longer workshops, movement is an important guide to delivery. Stepping, swinging, swaying, and gesturing to music are fun, build group energy, ease tension, and lead to surprising insights. A simple series of daily exercises for physical balance, flexibility, and vocal power is sometimes taught.

         Poetry workshops for children, usually in small groups ages 8-11, inspire poem writing and reciting with easy, playful suggestions that stimulate an imaginative response.

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Capsule Biographies

Alexandra Pierce, Ph.D., is a pianist, composer, music theorist, movement educator, Professor of Music and Movement, and presently Emerita Research Professor at the University of Redlands, California. In addition to her recent book Deepening Musical Performance through Movement: The Theory and Practice of Embodied Interpretation (Indiana University Press, 2007), she and Roger have co-authored two books on enhancing human movement: Expressive Movement: Posture and Action in Daily Life, Sports, and the Performing Arts (Da Capo Press, 1989) and Generous Movement (Center of Balance Press, 1991).


        Roger Pierce, Ph.D., author of the novel Your Valvèd Voice (2008), taught acting, directing, and dramatic literature at Stanford and the University of California. He trained extensively with Dr. Ida Rolf and with Judith Aston, participated in establishing Rolf Movement Education, and with Alexandra co-founded The Center of Balance in Redlands, California, where they conducted a professional movement and bodywork training program. Roger gives movement workshops and teaches movement privately.