Teaching and Coaching


Alexandra Pierce, Ph.D.

2513 24th Avenue, Longmont, CO 80503-8134

(303) 651-9248)

arpierce{one}@mac.com [use figure 1, no spaces, no brackets]


My teaching and coaching follow several interwoven pathways, to

1) develop appropriate technique—strong, supple, varied and colorful, so that you can draw out your instrument’s distinctive flavor and communicate the music at each changing moment;

2) explore musical elements— melodies, rhythms, harmonic progressions, phrases, character—of the pieces you are practicing, and learn to sound these expressively;

3)  find and become comfortable with a flexible, balanced playing stature and the “tossing of your weight” into the action of  phrase;

4) bring out your love of music as the driving force in rehearsal and performance;

5) encourage skillful inner hearing of a composer’s score;

6) foster your enjoyment of playing for others;

7)  and, for teachers, discover ways to share this learning with your students.

Sessions may be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, occasional, or single.

I also coach repertory that is further along in mastery, working both individually and in small groups. Performers on all instruments, and singers, find that approaching musicianship through movement is valuable.

I’d appreciate your passing this information along to friends or colleagues who may be interested.

* Click here for information about my most recent book, Deepening Musical Performance through Movement (Indiana University Press, 2007).